Because the Resurrection is True

Because the Resurrection is True

Dr. Gary Habermas is a Professor of Theology, and a student on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He has debated atheists and overturned their arguments against this great truth. But in 1995 his wife Debbie was dying of stomach cancer, what good was his faith then?

He relates the story to Lee Stroble saying, “This was the worst thing that could possibly happen.”

He turned and looked straight at me. “But you know what was amazing? My students would call me – not just one, but several of them – and say, ‘At a time like this, aren’t you glad about the resurrection?’ As sober as those circumstances were, I had to smile for two reasons. First, my students were trying to cheer me up with my own teaching. And second, it worked.”

“It was a horrible emotional time for me, but I couldn’t get around the fact that the resurrection is the answer for her suffering. I still worried; I still wondered what I’d do raising four kids alone. But there wasn’t a time when that truth didn’t comfort me.”

“Losing my wife was the most painful experience I’ve ever had to face, but if the Resurrection could get me through that, it can get me through anything. It was good for 30 A.D., it’s good for 1995, it’s good for now, and it’s good beyond that.”

Habermas locked eyes with mine. “That’s not some sermon,” he said quietly. “I believe that with all my heart. If there’s a resurrection, there’s a heaven. If Jesus was raised, Debbie was raised. And I will be someday, too. Then I’ll see them both.”

Lee Stroble. The Case for Christ, Chapter 13.

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