13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Have you ever purchased a book because of its title? I have. Just last month I ordered Amy Morin’s book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do entirely due its title. I knew nothing about the book, other than its title.

And what is it about the title that hoodwinked me?

First, because I am to-do list kind of person the idea of “13 things” appealed to me.

Next, I have not seen anything new on mental strength lately, so the topic grabbed my attention.

Finally, the negative connotation of what mentally strong people “don’t do” got me.

So, what did I learn from the book?

I learned that Amy Morin is an incredibly strong woman. Her personal story in the introduction is gripping.

I can also say 13 Things was a good reminder for me. I have at one time or another considered some or most of the attitudes on my own. A few of the principles I have articulated, others I have not. Morin’s list and explanation was a good teaching point for me.

Morin’s biographical etches of other mentally strong people in each chapter reinforced her practical concepts. The sharing of personal counseling situations also added light to the subject.

As for readability, I give the book five stars. I give it four stars for content.

What are the 13 things mentally strong people don’t do?

#1 They don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves.

#2 They don’t give away their power. 

#3 They don’t shy away from change.

#4 They don’t focus on things they cannot control. 

#5 They don’t worry about please everyone. 

#6 They don’t fear taking calculated risks.

#7 They don’t dwell on the past.

#8 They don’t make the same mistakes over and over. 

#9 They don’t resent other people’s success. 

#10 They don’t give up after their first failure. 

#11 They don’t fear time alone. 

#12 They don’t feel the world owes them anything. 

#13 They don’t expect immediate results.

Now for the big question: do I recommend you read it? Yes. That is, if mental toughness and strength interests you. If not, it will not be a good read.

Make note however, this is not a biblically based book. Although there are some biblical overtones, the book is not Christian based. And let me add, that I would not be surprised if the author were a believer in Christ.

More on mental toughness tomorrow and Friday.

Which Kind of Person Are You?

Which Kind of Person Are You?

I do not recall where I found this, but whoever wrote it nailed it.

When it comes to joy I have found there are three kinds of people:

  1. There are those who ARE SEARCHING FOR JOY and cannot find it.
  1. There are those who HAVE SEARCHED FOR JOY and have given up.
  1. There are those who HAVE FOUND JOY and are living it at home, at work and in life. 

Which kind of person are you?

Why I Need RENEW

Why I Need RENEW

RENEW is CrossPoint’s annual spiritual emphasis where every CrossPointer RENEWS his or her relationship with Christ and his or her covenant with CrossPoint.

There are three reasons why I need RENEW.

First, I personally need RENEW.

I need accountability.

I need a standard.

I need a commitment.

I need reminders in my life.

If I do not have these things in my life I am “prone to wander”           as the hymnist wrote.

I know because I am prone to be slothful.

My laziness almost always leads to me being backslidden. And I know I am not alone.

Everyone needs accountability.

Everyone needs responsibility.

Everyone needs an expectation.

If we have no accountability we become susceptible to so many more hazards and problems in life.

When I do not have accountability, it is easy for me to backslide.

At CrossPoint, we practice what is called front-end accountability. We hold each new member accountable to our covenant in the same way we hold every member accountable.

Accountability is expectation. Our expectations at CrossPoint are high.

Second, RENEW is more than signing a card.

RENEW is about keeping your word.

It is about doing what you say you will do.

It is about fulfilling your commitment.

Commitment is something we lack today. There are some who over-commit; while there are others who under-commit. All of us need to keep our commitments.

That is why some CrossPointers will need to go back through the RENEW process.

Third, RENEW enables us to grow in our MEMBERSHIP, RELATIONSHIP & PARTNERSHIP.

We need all three of these qualities to be effective in the kingdom of God.

We have a way for each CrossPointer to fulfill these roles. Our process to CONNECT enables us to fulfill these roles.

Connecting with God through Jesus Christ helps us grow in our MEMBERSHIP.

Connecting with God’s people helps us grow in our RELATIONSHIP.

Connecting with God’s plan helps us grow in our PARTNERSHIP.

For some, that may mean they may need to move to membership by committing their life to Christ.

For others, that may mean they may need to relationship by connecting with a Bible study group.

For another group, that may mean they may need to move to partnership by connecting with God’s plan.


Anyone can sign a RENEW card. In fact, plenty do sign a card each year. Yet RENEW is more than signing a card. RENEW is about making a commitment. It is about keeping your word. It is about doing what you say you will do, unless you are providentially hindered. This Sunday our pastor will begin RENEW by making public his commitment to the Lord and to CrossPoint. The four Sundays following is when each CrossPointer will be asked to make his or her commitment. Please continue to pray about your relationship with the Lord and with CrossPoint.

Homemade CrossPoint Christmas Ornament

Homemade CrossPoint Christmas Ornament

Hey Ryan! I wanted to share something with you that I thought u would get a kick out of. Every year (since shane and I have been married), I always get an ornament with the current year on it and it symbolizes something special that happened to us within that year. 2016 was the year we joined our CrossPoint family so this was the ornament I had made…

Thank you for being our Pastor. I pray that God bless you and keep you and that you feel His hand on you each morning when u awake. We appreciate all you do for us and our church. Merry Christmas!

In Him,

Corrie Clay


For His Steadfast Love Endures Forever

 1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,

     for his steadfast love endures forever.

Give thanks to the God of gods,

     for his steadfast love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord of lords,

   for his steadfast love endures forever;            Psalm 136:1-3


There is a story about a Post Office employee who finds an unstamped, poorly handwritten envelope, addressed to God. He opens it and discovers it is from an elderly lady, distressed because all her savings — $200 — have been stolen. She will be cold and hungry this Christmas.

He organizes the postal workers, who dig deep and come up with $180 to donate. They get it to her by special courier the same morning. A week later, the same postal worker recognizes the same handwriting on another envelope and opens it:

Dear God, Thank you for the $180 for Christmas, which would have been           so bleak otherwise. P.S. It was $20 short but that was probably those            thieving workers at the Post Office.”

Unfortunately our response to blessings in our life is sometimes very similar.

The Scripture teaches the necessity of thanksgiving, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Psalms 136 is an excellent example. It teaches us that we have much for which to be thankful.  The passage has a “repetitive” tone because the fact that we should be thankful needs to be emphasized.

I Had to Take a Break

Like so many of you, I have been insanely busy the last few weeks. Actually, my busyness started when our kids came back to the States to visit us in early November. The pace of life has not decelerated since then. Today is the first day of a normal routine.

I am a creature of habit. More so, I crave a routine. Routine gives me balance. Just like normalcy keeps me – should I say – keeps me normal. That is why I took a break from the blog prior to Christmas until today.

Taking a break is natural. It is also necessary. It is even biblical.

According to the Bible, taking a break is a Sabbath. The Lord designed us to take breaks. Sure, we work, but we also rest. That is why He commands His people to keep the Sabbath day holy. We need a break. We need rest. We also need to worship.

What does it take to rest? What is necessary to take a break?

First, I need quiet. That is why I often turn off the television as well as the radio when I need a break.

I also need rest – not just sleep, but rest. That is why I go to bed early, and rise early. I also set aside time to do…nothing. My nothing includes a fire in the fireplace this time of the year, with a good book to read.

Additionally, I need to worship the Lord. I need to sing the gospel. I need to pray the gospel. I need to see the gospel. I need to hear the gospel. When you do those things, you worship.

Finally, I need fellowship with the Lord. I need communion with Him. Communion with Him includes hearing Him speak to me through His Word and me speaking to Him in prayer.

Let me encourage you to take a break, take a Sabbath.

Christmas Should Be Simple

Christmas Should Be Simple

Christmas is special. Christmas is not only a special Christmas should also be simple. Yet we fill Christmas with all types of hype.

We have Christmas parties and Christmas parades.

We have Christmas banquets and Christmas concerts.

We have Christmas specials and Christmas shopping.

We have Christmas this and Christmas that.

The first Christmas was simple.

Did you know that only two gospel writers – Matthew & Luke – record the birth account of Jesus? Only two. That means Mark, who wrote the first Gospel and John, who wrote the last Gospel, along with the Apostle Paul, tell us nothing about the birth of Christ.

Now that’s fascinating.

As you dig deeper in the New Testament you find more emphasis on the simplicity of Christmas.

As you study the New Testament you discover only 39 verses devoted to the first Christmas. In contrast, all four Gospel writers write about the crucifixion of our Lord. They devote 711 verses to the crucifixion of Christ. Now that’s interesting, indeed.

I believe the brief detail of the first Christmas story is by design.

I believe primarily the brevity of Christmas combined with the gravity of the crucifixion tells us that the life, the death, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus matters. Thus, there had to be a Christmas so there could be a crucifixion…and a resurrection. So, Christmas matters, just not to the level of the crucifixion.

Yet I believe there is another reason why the first Christmas is so brief in detail and in description in the New Testament. That is, I believe Christmas should be simple.

Christmas was never intended to be busy. It was never intended to be complicated. Yes, Christmas is special but Christmas must also be simple.

Those Who Seek Little Find Little

Those Who Seek Little Find Little

I found this quote on the www.feedingonchrist.com webpage. It is a quote from J.I. Packer’s book, Preaching the Living Word:

Low expectations become self-fulfilling. Where little is expected from sermons, little is received. Many moderns have never been taught to expect sermons to matter much, and so their habit at sermon time is to relax, settle back and wait to see if anything the preacher says will catch their interest…It is now assumed that those who sit under the preaching are observers, measuring the preacher’s performance, rather than participants waiting for the Word of God. Many in our congregations do not know that there is any other way of listening to sermons than this way of detached passivity, and no-one should be surprised to find that those who cultivate such passivity often dismiss preaching as an uneventful bore. Those who seek little find little.

This is painful for me to read? Is it painful to any of you? It hurts because we know it is true.